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This is a very common question as potential students realise that they could also do CeFA which is the level 3 qualification for financial advisors. Moreso, that DipFA® essentially builds on the knowledge you are assumed to have acquired from CeFA 1 – 3 or equivalent.

DipFA is a level 4 programme, which implies that it is above the current requirement of Level 3, the CeFA qualification.
For aspiring financial advisors and new entrants just starting out that is a huge jump in knowledge and understanding. If we put it in educational terms, Level 4 is the equivalent of completing the first year of a university degree.

As from 2013 you now need DipFA to give financial advice; So why bother with CeFA at all?

You could consider gaining gain the knowledge that is in CeFA 1 at the very least without doing the exams.
When you book on to our DipFA course just request and we will send you our UK Financial regulations book which covers CeFA 1 for FREE. This will provide you with the ideal preparation platform required for DipFA


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